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July 1, 2009

Part II: Liberating the Asus 1000HE: Preparing for Linux

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Setting up XP:

First I spent some time trying to turn Microsoft XP into a useable operating system. Since I was going to keep this shit, I wanted it to work. So after connecting Windows to the Internet, I immediately installed and configured the following programs: Firefox and the adblock plus and noscript extensions, AVG Virus Scanner (free), and Spybot S&D Spyware Remover(more…)

Part I: Liberating the Asus 1000HE: Overview

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This is my account of configuring a new 1000HE EEEPC netbook as a Linux-Windows dual-boot.  I am assuming that my audience has little if any knowledge of Linux. To Dual-boot a computer is to install two separate operating systems on it at the same time. While this does not slow down the computer, it does require you to dedicate certain parts of your hard drive to each operating system. When I turn on the computer a menu pops up asking me which operating system I would like to use. I can switch between operating systems simply by restarting the computer.  (more…)

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