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August 21, 2009

Making Perfect Copies of CDs in GNU/Linux with EAC

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There are three good programs for making flawless copies of CDs: Exact Audio Copy (Windows and Linux), Ruby Ripper (Linux and Mac), and X Lossless Decoder (Mac). You really shouldn’t be copying CDs without using one of these programs as you’re likely to get lots of skips. (more…)


Turning DVDs into AVI Files the Hard Way: Mencoder

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There are lots of GNU/Linux programs for turning DVDs into AVI files.  The two most popular ones are Acidrip (a frontend for mencoder) and DVD:Rip (a frontend for transcode).  I’ve run into problems using both of these programs, though.  I’ve found that the more reliable way to create .avi files is to use mencoder directly. Below I’ve provided a series of mencoder commands that you can copy and paste into the command Terminal. (more…)

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